Caroline 5 Star Rating

Francisco has a great grasp of English-Spanish languages. Since I’m a fairly advanced student, this has really helped me improve my Spanish even more! He is willing to tailor the lesson to your needs. In addition, his attitude is great–you can tell he enjoys what he does and really wants to help you improve your Spanish.

Karen L. 5 Star Rating, SF

Francisco’s onsite and online classes are fun and effective in learning Spanish. I take his classes over Skype, in the library and in cafes and they’re always a good mix of conversation, grammar and reading. I’m learning a lot! Highly recommended.

Audrey M . 5 Star Rating, Brisbane, CA

Francisco’s lessons are genuine in that he shows patience as I attempt to perfect my Spanish. He brings to lessons interesting websites, cultural information, and shows great knowledge in the grammatical aspects of Spanish. I don’t know of anyone else who offers what Francisco does in SF. These are casual meetings in cafes around the city where Francisco brings activities and gets the people to interact with each other in Spanish. His life is teaching Spanish and besides having years of experience and knowledge of all the nuances between English and Spanish, he is clearly dedicated, prepared, and very generous with his time. It’s a very open and welcoming group, highly recommended.

Lisa R. 5 Star Rating, Spring, TX

Francisco is a great teacher–he is especially great with beginners, but can also help more advanced students fine-tune their weak spots in spoken or written Spanish.

David C. 4 Star Rating Daly City, CA

This is a great place to improve your Spanish. Francisco is a patient, non-judgmental and skilled teacher who helps students feel very comfortable practicing the language. The settings are very casual, the other students friendly, and the price is reasonable. I would thoroughly recommend attending one of his classes to see if you like it as much as I do!

Wanda 4 Star Rating

Francisco’s classes are fun and casual. We meet in a coffee shop and combine lots of conversation with grammar and vocabulary sprinkled in here and there. He offers many different levels, so it’s easy to find the perfect class for you. His prices are reasonable, and the time commitment is up to you. I plan on continuing my Spanish learning with Francisco.

Michael L. 5 Star Rating, Oakland, CA

I’ve been working with Francisco for more than 3 years now, and I’m very happy with his classes. I’m a language instructor myself, so I know when I’ve found a good language teacher. I’m impressed that Francisco uses a whole language approach that blends practice with reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Research has long shown that this is the best way to acquire language skills. Francisco is also a great guy. He makes his classes really fun. (I’ve worked with him in groups and in private classes, and he’s even better one-on-one). He works hard to help you learn the vocabulary that corresponds to your own interests.

Kris C. 5 Star Rating, San Francisco, CA

Highly recommended, fantastic Spanish teacher! Francisco helped me arrange a concentrated Spanish review course for a trip to Nicaragua recently. He worked with me to define the goals and structure of the course and did an excellent assessment of my strengths and weaknesses. He was flexible with times (including conducting Skype sessions) and tailored the course to my specific situation, in regards to the types of interactions I would be having, my current level of Spanish and my personal goals regarding Spanish. I really can’t say enough good things about his teaching style, which employs numerous strategies to help achieve fluency. I look forward to working with him more in the future!

Kathy N. 5 Star Rating, San Francisco, CA

Francisco is an excellent teacher. He is very patient and a lot of fun to work with. He makes you feel very comfortable speaking Spanish at whatever level you are.

Charles F. 5 Star Rating, Fairfield, CA

Francisco is an excellent instructor and has a superior command of the Spanish language. He’s intelligent, patient, and culturally in-tune with both the US and Latin American cultures, which makes him remarkably adept at teaching Spanish in various contexts. He uses great teaching tools, such as Spanish music, videos, and newspaper/magazine articles to encourage students to explore new phrases and build fluency. He has an excellent teaching methodology that involves learning key concepts, practicing them, and then reviewing them during subsequent lessons. He emphasizes error correction so students master Spanish concepts and don’t continue to engage in bad habits. Francisco is very friendly, flexible, and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you completely understand what you’re learning. I’ve had other Spanish teachers, but Francisco is by far the best Spanish teacher that I’ve ever had. I highly recommend him.